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From hamsters to horses – the new Tracer Advance Slim microchip bring benefits to all creatures great and small

The new Tracer Advance Slim is here and it’s smaller than ever.

With a 20 percent reduction in needle implanter size, Tracer Advance Slim allows vets to reassure worried pet owners and helps make microchipping a less stressful experience for everyone. Tracer Advance Slim also has a reading distance of up to 30cm and can therefore help improve the welfare of those animals that are easily stressed, or difficult to handle.

Slimmer microchips also make microchipping more accessible for smaller species. Dan Calvo Carrasco, vet at Great Western Exotics, said: “The small size of the modern devices, combined with newer technology, increases the ease of implantation, causes less discomfort for the animal and makes microchipping suitable for almost any captive animal, including small birds, mammals and reptiles.”

Tracer Advance Slim is also available with a choice of registration options – online, postal or via participating Practice Management Software providers – so vet practices can choose the option most suitable for them and their clients.

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