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Elanco launches new Surolan® and Surosolve™  Ear Treatment Client Education Films

Elanco has launched a series of short films to educate pet owners on how to administer veterinary prescribed ear drops and routinely clean their pet’s ears.

Available to view on Elanco Companion Animal Health’s YouTube Channel - the informative films have been produced in association with the University of Bristol.

Both films include step-by-step guidance on how to restrain a dog to administer ear treatments and cleaners, while the first - - provides instructions on how to administer ear drops, such as Surolan for the treatment of otitis externa, and the second film - - offers hints and tips on how to use a veterinary supplied ear cleaner, such as Surosolve.

As well as being viewed on YouTube, the videos can also be imbedded into veterinary practice websites or utilised on waiting room TV screens.

“The new YouTube films will enable dog owners to learn more about how to correctly administer ear treatments and cleaners to ensure that the procedure is as positive as possible for their pet,” comments Matthew Rowe, senior brand manager at Elanco. “This will lead to better owner compliance and happier pets!”

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