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A new lower recommended starting dose has been announced for Vetoryl treatment for dogs with Cushing's syndrome

Dechra Veterinary Products has announced a new lower recommended starting dose of its Vetoryl treatment for dogs with Cushing's syndrome.

The change to the Summary of Product Characteristics for Vetoryl Hard Capsules for Dogs follows the publication of research and studies into the effects of lowering the initial dose rate.

The new, lower recommended starting dose is 2 mg/kg once daily, and the 10 mg capsules can now be used as a starting dose. Further guidance is also given for switching to twice daily dosing.

Brand Manager Craig Sankey said: “Since Vetoryl capsules were first launched more than ten years ago, vets have accumulated a considerable amount of practical experience in using the product to transform the lives of dogs with Cushing’s syndrome.

“Several leading veterinary teaching establishments have carried out studies investigating the effects of reducing the initial dose rate and the published literature indicates that lower starting doses are efficacious and may reduce the risk of side effects. 

“Our new dosing recommendations are in line with current thinking from veterinary specialists in endocrinology and internal medicine, ensuring that Vetoryl evolves with the times and continues to restore vitality to Cushingoid dogs.” 

Make sure to check out our 10 Minute Top Up and CPD pages here to access free online CPD on Cushing's disease.

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