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Elanco launches new ‘common parasites of dogs’ education tool

Elanco has launched an informative new education tool covering common parasites of dogs.

The useful resource will assist when advising clients on the benefits of regular parasite control. With a particular focus on endoparasites, the guide features information on roundwormhookwormwhipworm, heartworm, lungwormtapeworm and fleas. It includes details on the lifecycle of the parasites, how they develop, symptoms and sources of infection, whether the parasites are a risk to pets and humans and eye-catching illustrations demonstrate their lifecycle and what each of the parasites looks like.

The common parasites of dogs education tool will be available in two formats, as a ‘tablet friendly’ electronic version and a booklet consisting of individual cards on a metal snap ring.

Matthew Rowe, senior brand manager at Elanco, says: “Pet owners often get confused by the different parasites that can be picked up by their dogs.  The new common parasites of dogs education tool will help veterinary professionals advise their clients about parasites and the benefits of routine worming and flea treatments.”

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