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Dechra Veterinary Products is to launch an intramuscular Clodronic acid injection, Osphos®

Osphos, the latest addition to Dechra’s expanding equine portfolio, is the only UK veterinary licensed product for the control of clinical signs associated with the bone resorptive processes of navicular syndrome in horses.

Osphos is expected to change the way chronic lameness caused by navicular syndrome is tackled by equine vets. Clinical trials of Osphos showed 74.7 per cent of horses experienced improvement by at least one lameness grade at 56 days post treatment.

Dechra brand manager Emma Jennings said: “Osphos intramuscular injection contains the bisphosphonate Clodronic acid which inhibits resorption in the navicular bone by binding to hydroxyapatite crystals and by direct cellular effects on osteoclasts.

“We are delighted with the results of the trials, which proved that Osphos is effective at 6 months post-treatment. We're looking forward to being able to support equine vets, vet nurses and practices by providing an intramuscular Clodronic acid injection for horses.”

Osphos 60 mg/ml solution for injection for horses is available from September 2014. 

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