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Pets with bad breath is a thing of the past with Ceva Animal Health’s new Oral Hygiene Gel

Recent research carried out by Ceva Animal Health, has revealed that, despite a quarter of dog and cat owners identifying that their pets have bad breath nearly half of those questioned have never brushed their pet’s teeth!

Like humans, brushing is the best way to care for an animal’s teeth.  However, the research identified that owners would like more advice on routine dental care during consultations with only a fifth saying that their vet had advocated brushing their pet’s teeth.

Micky Blackburn, Logic marketing executive, comments: “Regular dental hygiene checks are essential to identify plaque build up and the early signs of dental problems.  With nearly two-thirds of pet owners stating that they would seek advice from their vet on dental care, veterinary practices could be capitalising on the importance of routine dental hygiene to their clients.”

Logic Oral Hygiene Gel has a multi-enzyme patented system that helps prevent the formation of plaque and fights bad breath. The unique formula contains a surfactant, which helps to bind it to a pet’s teeth meaning you can use it with or without brushing. Logic Chews contain a unique multi-enzyme and antibacterial complex. When combined with the chewing action that massages gums and cleans food particles from teeth it results in healthier mouths with fresher breath. The low calorie, long lasting chews are easy and convenient to use and should be used in conjunction with Logic Oral Hygiene Gel.

A new display pack is now available to showcase the product. For further information on Logic Oral Hygiene Gel, Logic Orozyme Dental Chews or the new display pack visit or contact your local Ceva territory manager.

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