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Lintbells Veterinary Launches New Feline Urinary Health Supplement YURELIEVE 

Following 18 months of product development and in-practice trials, Lintbells Veterinary announced the launch of YURELIEVE at the London Vet Show. YURELIEVE is the first and only feline urinary health supplement to combine multiple glycosaminoglycans, L-tryptophan and EFAs to provide cats with more comprehensive urinary health support.

Andrew Connolly, Product Manager at Lintbells Veterinary said: ‘YURELIEVE supports a condition which is not only frustrating to treat, but can also be distressing for the cat and their owners. The launch of YURELIEVE will enable Veterinary Surgeons to offer their clients the most comprehensive feline urinary health support available’.

YURELIEVE takes feline urinary health supplements to a new level by including Green Lipped Mussel, which provides a unique combination of Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA and ETA) to aid the cat’s own natural anti-inflammatory process. Coupled with multiple GAGs and N-acetyl D-glucosamine to support the bladder lining, and L-tryptophan which is proven to decrease stress related behaviours in cats, YURELIEVE enables better management of feline urinary health.

To mark the launch of YURELIEVE, Lintbells are running the “I Believe” Facebook competition, asking vets and vet nurses to help celebrate the independent charisma that makes cats so special by sharing photos of beloved cats, with a statement that captures their unique personality.

Andrew Connolly continued, “When cats are affected by a urinary condition, it takes their independence and personality away from them, so we wanted to celebrate the importance of allowing cats to be their natural charismatic selves with a photo competition starring everyone’s feline friends”.

To enter the competition, simply post a photo of a beloved cat with a caption that captures their unique personality, starting with ‘I believe…’ to the Lintbells Vet Facebook page ( A Pampurrrr Spa Day for 2 is on offer for the winner.

YURELIEVE is available in tasty sprinkle capsules each containing 125mg N-acetyl D-glucosamine, 50mg Green Lipped Mussel, 37.5mg L-tryptophan and 2.5mg Hyaluronic Acid, and is supplied in packs of 30 capsules. For more information on YURELIEVE speak to your Lintbells Business Development Executive or call 01462 790886.

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