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Webinar video about groundbreaking study into the effect of joint supplementation on canine mobility launches 

An exclusive webinar video from Dr Matthew Pead of the Royal Veterinary College, in which he talks about a recent trial involving dogs with osteoarthritis and the impact of a nutraceutical, is now available to view at

As the main investigator in the trial, Dr Pead who is Head of the Small Animal Orthopaedic Centre at the RVC, presents the study methodology and results, as well as discussing the need for multi-modal management of osteoarthritis and the role for the right type of nutraceutical as part of that.

The double-blind, placebo controlled, cross over study, which was funded by Lintbells, involved 40 adult dogs with confirmed osteoarthritis. The trial results showed a significant improvement in the activity of dogs on the trial substance.

For those who don’t have time to watch the 56-minute webinar video, the website offers a summary of the key webinar sound-bites from Dr Pead. 

Furthermore, members of the vet community can win one of two shopping sprees worth £500 each by completing a short, fun, multiple-choice quiz, which tests their recall of the new study and their canine joint knowledge.  There is also a £1,000 Red Letter Day experience to be won by a practice with multiple individual entries. Simply visit

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