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Vulketan® -an innovative and vet only approach for effective equine wound healing

Elanco Animal Health has launched Vulketan®, an innovative and veterinary only sterile topical gel specifically developed to encourage healing of equine wounds.

Vulketan contains ketanserin – a serotonin-S2 antagonist.  Serotonin is more widely known as a neurotransmitter in the brain but it is also found in platelets and released during platelet aggregation where it can have negative effects on wound healing.

Managing equine wounds is an everyday occurrence in equine practiceand can be difficult and time consuming, with many potential complications such as infection or the development of proud flesh which could delay healing or lead to reduced functionality.  Repeated dressings can be a hassle for owners, and if used inappropriately can lead to their own complications.

“Vulketan gel is easy to use and is designed to be applied to undressed wounds, although it has been demonstrated that wounds may be dressed, if required, without affecting Vulketan's efficacy,” said Elanco representative Kirsty Prudon.  “As a prescription only medicine, Vulketan now exclusively offers veterinarians a clinically proven solution to aid wound healing, and one that is specifically licensed for horses.”

Vulketan has been shown in client owned horses to be highly effective in preventing the formation of hypergranulation tissue and may facilitate the control of secondary infections. Owners expressed satisfaction with Vulketan in over 90% of cases.

Practicing equine vet Linda Belton MRCVS, who has had the opportunity to use Vulketan, explains: “Vulketan is easy to use, well tolerated by horses and produces an excellent end cosmetic result and return to function.  With the reduction in the need for dressings and proud flesh control Vulketan has proven to be an advantageous product which owners’ value.”

Vulketan, suitable for use in all horses including pregnant and lactating mares, is supplied in 75 gram tubes and should be applied twice daily.

Veterinary surgeons can find out more about Vulketan from their Elanco territory manager, by calling 01256 353131 or can place an order with their usual wholesaler/distributor.


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