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The new regulations surrounding the Pet Travel Scheme come into effect on 29th December 2014.

Any current stocks of passports that you hold, will remain valid for issue until 28th December 2014. Any of these passports issued to pets will remain valid for the life of the animal or until they are required to be replaced and veterinarians can continue to make further entries in them.

In the next few weeks we will be sending the new model passports to all practices that have used passports in the past 12 months. The new passports should only be issued from 29th December 2014 onwards. The new model passports must not be issued before this date.

Please ensure that any stocks of the old model passport remaining after the 28th December are rendered unusable, before secure disposal by yourselves.

In the new passport OVs must enter their name, address, telephone number and signature when certifying rabies vaccination in section V. They can add their SP number but using the SP stamp in this section should be avoided. This also applies to section X, if applicable.  The SP stamp must be used in section IV (issuing vet) and in section VI (the serology section) if applicable.

There is a new minimum age for rabies vaccination to be given, of 12 weeks. The data sheet for the vaccine should also be checked for the minimum age of use. Any vaccines which indicate 3 months cannot be given until the animal is 3 calendar months old.

The new passport has additional security features  - please see the ET139 .

There are sufficient lamination sheets included in the passport for the section III identification page and all the rabies vaccination detail fields (vaccination and batch number). There are 3 lamination sheets in the passport. The first, which is adjacent to page 6, is a full page sheet and if carefully peeled and separated from the backing will cover all of page 6.  The second and 3rd sheets are “kiss-cut” and individual sections can be removed and placed over the rabies vaccination sticker for each entry. If stickers are used elsewhere in the passport, the OV should also laminate these. The practice will need to supply additional lamination.

Once you have used your first batch, further batches of passports should be ordered in the usual way by completing a control sheet for your batch and emailing this along with your request & practice details for a new batch to

A summary of changes and further information is available at:

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