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Ceva extends its ectoparasite range with the launch of Vectra® Felis 

Ceva Animal Health has extended its antiparasitic range of products with the launch of Vectra® Felis – fast flea protection for cats…no bite required. 

Containing a unique formulation of two active ingredients – dinotefuran and pyriproxyfen – Vectra Felis ensures that over 95% of fleas are killed within just two hours and the effects last for a full month.  Dinotefuran kills on contact, thus there is no need for a flea to bite the cat in order to die. Pyriproxyfen is a potent Insect Growth Regulator which prevents flea reproduction and adult flea emergence, so protecting the cat and its environment from future flea attacks. The effects of the IGR last for three months, breaking the flea lifecycle and protecting the home from further infestation. 

Vectra Felis is administered as a spot on via its patented applicator, which has an elongated smooth tip for quick and easy application. The elongated tip on the pipette makes it easy to reach the cat’s skin through the fur, providing direct contact during application. The applicator also provides accurate dosing and facilitates clean administration as nothing comes out until the tube is squeezed. Kittens can be treated from seven weeks of age (weighing at least 0.6kg).

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