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Bayer asks Vets what they really want from antibiotic education

At a time when antibiotic management concerns are at an all-time high, Bayer Animal Health has launched an online survey asking the opinions of vets, which will help to inform the development of a series of expert webinars due to be released by Bayer this year.

The survey can be completed at and one lucky participant will win an iPad mini.

The webinars will address common issues that vets have with antibiotics, as highlighted by the survey results. Potential topics will range from diagnostics and choosing the right antibiotic to talking to owners about antibiotic treatment and ensuring compliance.

Vicky McAlister, Group Product Manager at Bayer says: “It is essential that vets feel confident prescribing antibiotics, not only for the obvious benefit to their patients, but also to ensure responsible use of antibiotics in the battle to slow the development of antibiotic resistance. For this reason, Bayer are keen to better understand the challenges vet professionals face when they prescribe antibiotics, and particularly the areas where they feel they need more support”.

The survey will be available for completion until the 10th of February 2015.


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