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Elanco Animal Health unifies under one brand

Elanco Animal Health has announced that it has unified its business units under one brand and will utilise the blue logo used by its food animal divisions. 

With the Elanco Companion Animal Health division previously using the red Elanco logo, the company is aiming to be recognised as a single global animal health company, leading the way in delivering innovation and value to its customers.  The unification will also make it easier for veterinary professionals to recognise Elanco and facilitate access to products, technical support and services.

When the Elanco Companion Animal Health team launched in the US in 2005, it was initially known as Lilly Companion Animal Health utiliaing a red brand colour, an acknowledgement of Elanco’s parent company and a brand familiar to companion animal vets and pet owners. The companion animal division transitioned to the Elanco name in 2009, but retained the red colour then familiar to many companion animal vets. It was under the red brand that Elanco entered the companion animal health market in Europe from late 2010 introducing R&D innovations to the market place, including: Comfortis chewable tablets for dogs and cats, Recuvyra transdermal solution for dogs and most recently Trifexis chewable tablets for dogs.

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