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Drontal and celebrity animal lover Steve Backshall team up to find ‘Britain’s Happiest Pet’

Research by Bayer the makers of Drontal shows that pets and pet owners are much more in tune with each other’s emotions than originally thought. 81 per cent believe that their dog can sense when they are unhappy, whilst 66 per cent believe their dog can feel love. The research also discovered that dogs can smile when happy. 

In support of this and to celebrate the love and happiness that pets bring to our lives, Drontal has launched a nationwide search to find Britain's Happiest Pet, supported by Bafta Award Winner, animal enthusiast Steve Backshall. 

UK pet owners are encouraged to upload a photo of their pet to the Drontal & Advantage Facebook page and explain what it is about their relationship that makes them happy. Along with Steve Backshall, the competition will be judged by the editors of Your Dog and Your Cat magazine.

TV presenter and wildlife enthusiast Steve Backshall said: “Being a naturalist, I am more aware of the dangers that pets face from parasites which can be lurking in your home, as well as outside. Parasite control is really important - they can be harmful to the health of humans and animals, that’s why it’s so important to keep your pet parasite free.”

He continues: “The campaign aims to showcase the ways in which pet owners can keep their pets healthy and happy. Whether it is advice on how to make the most of the sunny weather, teaching your dog new tricks or making sure they are regularly checked and protected from worms and fleas, the competition aims to promote all these positive values and inspire the public to keep their pets healthy and happy.

Caroline Braidwood, part of the campaign team at Bayer said: “The Britain's Happiest Pet competition focuses on the importance of keeping your pet healthy and happy. The competition will give owners a chance to get involved, get tips on how they can keep their pet worm and flea free and give them the chance to show off and celebrate their beloved pets.”

The competition opens on 13th April 2015 and closes on 31st July 2015. The winner will be announced in August and will receive a cash prize of £500. People can enter and read full terms and conditions here:

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