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Remend Wound Spray Gel

This year’s BSAVA Congress sees the launch of an innovative new product from the experts at Bayer Animal Health: Remend Wound Spray Gel, which represents a valuable contribution to veterinary wound management. 

An exciting edition to the Remend range, the Wound Spray Gel contains Remend’s advanced, structurally modified hyaluronic acid (HA). This unique cross-linked formulation provides a matrix for cellular events that occur during the proliferative phase of the healing process; this has been shown to enhance healing1, and can promote rapid wound closure in horses, cats and dogs. 

Remend Wound Spray Gel is easy to apply, and provides vets with a new tool to assist with effective wound management.

Georgie Hollis BSc from The Veterinary Wound Library – commented on the role RemendTM Wound Spray Gel may play in the healing process: “Managing wounds can be challenging in veterinary practice; the progression of wound healing can be influenced by many factors, and selecting an appropriate product to apply should be based on the needs of the individual wound. A product that provides a moist healing environment and support of the proliferative phase ensures that cellular activity is optimised, helping to improve healing times and minimise scar tissue.” 

The benefits of using hyaluronic acid based biomaterials in wound repair have been demonstrated in a study in horses and dogs, where the use of cross-linked HA was able to improve both healing times and the quality of the healed tissue.

RemendTM Wound Spray Gel is designed for use as part of the overall management of wounds; additional measures such as lavage, debridement and control of infection are equally important, as is giving consideration to any secondary factors that may delay healing if not addressed. The product aims to achieve greater compliance amongst owners by providing an effective management option that is easy to apply. A single application may be sufficient to enhance wound closure in fresh uncomplicated wounds; however more complex wounds may require multiple applications in order to accelerate closure. 

Find out more at Bayer Animal Health Vet Centre:

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