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Bayer calls for Vets' view of ocular health

A survey has been commissioned for vets by Bayer Animal Health, to investigate the topic of ocular health and treatment in small animal practice. Accessible online at, all participants have the chance to be entered into a prize draw and win an iPad mini.

Forming part of the RemendTM ‘Vision Matters‘ campaign, the survey aims to gain insight into the experience of diagnosing and treating ocular health problems in cats, dogs and horses. Including reference to specific conditions such as dry eye and corneal ulcers, the survey will identify the common challenges encountered and enable vets to comment on their own levels of confidence in this specific area of medicine.

Alongside this, a broader survey of cat, dog and horse owners will be carried out amongst the general public. The combined effort of the surveys will mean that the topic is analysed from multiple perspectives, helping to identify effective ways that vets can achieve greater compliance for their patients with ocular conditions.

Vicky McAlister, Group Product Manager, explains further; “Ocular health problems present a unique set of considerations for both vets and pet owners, with owner compliance being a huge part of successful management of dry eye in dogs. This can be a real issue if owners struggle to achieve the recommended frequency of therapy administration “.

“From the results of these surveys, we hope to learn more about the specific challenges of treating ocular conditions in pets by collecting opinions from both sides of the consultation table. We will then use this information to help support vets and pet owners in identifying ocular conditions and the appropriate management options.” Vicky continues.

The survey results will also inform the specific content of planned activity for the RemendTM  ‘Vision Matters‘ campaign, including an owner facing educational documentary about the fascinating world of animal eyes and vision and a report that examines best practice approach to common ocular health conditions in cats, dogs and horses.

The vet survey will be live until 29th May, giving vets just a few weeks to give their opinion and be in with a chance of winning the prize.

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