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Royal Canin to host two diabetic webinars

Royal Canin is aiming to sort fact from fiction when it comes to understanding the pathophysiology of feline diabetes mellitus with two webinars, entitled ‘Pathophysiology of feline diabetes mellitus: understanding = curing’ and ‘Increasing your diabetic remission rates in the cat’.

Both webinars will include expert guidance from guest speaker Dr Stijn Niessen DVM PhD DECVIM PGCVetEd FHEA MRCVS. The first webinar (‘Pathophysiology of feline diabetes mellitus: understanding = curing’) will be held on Tuesday 16th June at 8.30pm. This webinar will provide delegates with a focus on new developments in our understanding of the aetiopathogenesis of diabetes mellitus, as well as providing an update on the diagnostic process.

The second webinar (‘Increasing your diabetic remission rates in the cat’) will be held on Tuesday 23rd June at 8.30pm. This session will focus on the specifics of the 21st century management of feline diabetes mellitus, taking a critical look at recent developments and separating speculation from fact with an aim to help vets to have a confident discussion with owners and convince them to participate in an evidence-based, safe and effective diabetic management protocol adapted to the specific cat-owner combination.

Ian Williams, Veterinary Support Manager at Royal Canin, said: “Diabetes is one of the most common conditions experienced by companion animals, and its diagnosis can be a challenging time for both owner and pet. It’s therefore no surprise that we’re expecting a lot of interest in these two webinars, which aim to guide vets and vet nurses through the condition with a view to improving the diabetic management protocols that they can offer both pet and owner.”

Practice staff can register for the webinars for free by visiting: They are easy to join; all you need is a computer (with speakers) which is connected to the internet. CPD certificates will be made available online to those who attend the live sessions.

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