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Zoetis Introduces Meloxicam to Equine NSAID Portfolio

Zoetis, has announced the introduction of Contacera® 15mg/ml oral suspension, a new non-steriodal anti-inflammatory preparation for horses. Contacera® contains Meloxicam, which has been shown to hold advantages over Phenylbutazone for the alleviation of musculoskeletal inflammation and pain in horses over six weeks of age.

Contacera® is convenient to administer as it can be mixed with food or syringed directly into the mouth to ensure compliance. It is available in 100ml or 250ml bottles, with a measuring dose syringe and a syringe adaptor. Contacera solution for injection is also available.

Penny McCann, Equine Product Manager, Zoetis UK Ltd, said: “Contacera® is an exciting addition to our NSAID portfolio. Due to the potential clinical advantages of Meloxicam, Contacera® gives vets an important additional option for NSAID management. It is a logical fit with the other products in our range and benefits from a choice of presentations.”

The NSAID range from Zoetis also includes Meflosyl® and Quadrisol. Meflosyl (flunixin meglumine) is a highly effective, fast acting analgesic with anti-endotoxic properties for the reduction of pain, inflammation and fever. Quadrisol®is presented as a paste containing Vedaprofen. It is indicated for use in musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders as well as for prophylactic use before surgery.  It is licensed for horses over six months of age, including pregnant mares. 

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