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Geographical antibiotic resistance mapping now possible by anatomical area 

The IDEXX Pet Resist antibiotic resistance mapping website has been updated to include information on the anatomical site from where the submission sample was obtained. In addition to being able to see geographical variations in resistance to the top ten antibiotics used in cats and dogs, site visitors will now be able to view this information by the most commonly submitted anatomical site.

Simon Wootton, UK CAG Marketing Manager from IDEXX says that providing this additional resistance and sensitivity information will help vets make more informed decisions on treatment and therapy.   

“We believe this will be an additional valuable aid for providing first-line treatment options before samples can be tested,” says Simon. “This is not an alternative to microbiological analysis, but merely an aid to assessing which antibiotic may aid treatment based on many years’ data and well over 200,000 samples submitted to IDEXX.”

The information on the website is available free of charge to practising veterinary surgeons. The company says that its aim is to help UK vets gain a good understanding of antibiotic resistance and sensitivity, to help them make more informed decisions when it comes to prescribing antibiotics at initial consultations.

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