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Adding a new dimension with CT & MRI from BCF Technology

BCF Technology have announced that they will now be supplying a range of CT & MRI systems, adding to their existing imaging portfolio. They have appointed Account Manager Nigel Perry as CT & MRI Sales Manager working specifically on the new product range.

The Epica range of small animal and equine CT scanners aim to revolutionise conventional CT with the first veterinary specific CT scanners which offer much more.

The Epica Vimago CT for small animals fits through a standard doorway and fits in a 3m x 3m room.  The Epica Pegaso CT has also been specifically designed for equine use and both systems include CT, fluoroscopy and digital radiography.

The biggest difference is said to be the image quality, weight and size and benefits from operating lower costs as installation and running costs are significantly reduced with the Epica range compared to traditional CT scanners.

BCF also have also taken on a range of CT & MRI systems from GE which give additional options for higher throughput and advanced imaging. The GE Brivo CT 385, the Signa Creator and Signa Explorer.

Nigel Perry CT & MRI Sales Manager for BCF commented: “We are absolutely delighted to be offering this unique range of 3D imaging alongside our existing portfolio of imaging products. It has been a goal of BCF for a long time.

”Investing in CT/MRI for your practice gives you the ability to offer an extended range of patient care services than ever before. This technology is becoming more widely used in practices, don’t be left behind.

”We have a number of in-house specialists who are full trained on our CT & MRI product range who can provide full training in practice." 

To find out more about the CT & MRI product range available from BCF visit

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