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Virbac Launches Sulfatrim, the First Licensed TMPS Antibiotic for Rabbits

Virbac has launched Sulfatrim, the first veterinary-licensed Trimethoprim and Sulfamethoxazole oral antibiotic for use in rabbits, pigeons and bearded dragons.  Presented in a 30ml bottle with a dispensing cap and syringe for convenient yet responsible antibiotic use in practice.

Kate Woolley MRCVS, Product Manager, said:  "Until now, no similar veterinary-licensed product has been available for these species and, in an environment where vets are increasingly aware of the responsible use of antibiotics across all species, we are very happy to launch Sulfatrim, the first licensed TMPS for rabbits, pigeons and bearded dragons.”

Founded by a veterinary surgeon, Virbac is dedicated to supporting the veterinary profession through the development of innovative products and services, which help animals to lead longer, healthier lives. One of the largest independent veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the world, its wide product portfolio includes many market-leading and award-winning products for large and small animals.

It has recently launched Virtual Virbac, a pioneering, interactive communications portal to keep practices up to date with the latest information on Virbac products.  By scanning the Virtual Virbac image using the free Blippar app on a smart device, the image 'comes to life', enabling veterinary professionals to interact with a range of clinical and support information on key Virbac products.

Virbac ( aims to work in close partnership with its customers, providing the advice and support they need to run successful, profitable businesses.  Many of the services it offers are available through its innovative practice support portal

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