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New liquid complementary feed, Nutribound® from Virbac

Virbac has launched Nutribound, a complementary feed which helps to stimulate eating and drinking in inappetent cats and dogs. It has been formulated to help animals that need encouragement to eat and drink, be they recovering from surgery, illness or for those that are experiencing a general lack of interest in food or water. A highly palatable, liquid formulation, Nutribound should be given alongside the pet’s diet but can also be given by tube or syringe should the case require it.

Nutribound is designed both to help stimulate eating and drinking and to aid in recovery. It is rich in essential nutrients, containing ingredients known to help maintain the immune function; aid in maintaining gastrointestinal tract integrity and assist in skin turnover.

Claire Lewis, Product Manager, said: "Pets that lose interest in their food can be challenging for owners to deal with - and a pet that is struggling to eat or drink what it needs, especially after illness or surgery is more likely to have a prolonged recovery.

"Nutribound's palatable formulation aims to 'jump-start' normal eating behaviour by stimulating the animal's appetite and increasing its interest in eating and drinking again."  

She added: "Nutribound is presented in a handy-sized, take-home bottle and is easy for pet owners to administer. It can be given for up to 14 days or until a return to normal eating and drinking behaviour is observed. We are delighted to add it to our nutritional support range, alongside Nutri-Plus gel®, our high energy, nutritional supplement for cats and dogs."

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