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Virbac Extends Cattle Parasiticide Range with Launch of Neoprinil®

Virbac has strengthened its cattle parasiticide range with the launch of Neoprinil, an eprinomectin pour-on solution, indicated for use against internal and external parasites in cattle, including gut and lungworms, mange mites, sucking and chewing lice, horn flies and warbles. 

The launch of Neoprinil follows on from the recent launch of Deltanil, Virbac's deltamethrin-based pour-on for use against a range of ectoparasites in cattle and sheep. Both products offer a zero-day withdrawal period in milk and can be administered using the company's award-winning FARMPACK® and Flexibag®, which combine easy application with freedom of movement for the farmer.

The FARMPACK is a light, robust backpack which holds a Flexibag of Neoprinil solution.The Flexibag is a flexible, multi-layered, multi-component bag designed to protect medication and to preserve it once it has been opened. A purpose-designed E-lock system offers a secure connection between the Flexibag and the dispensing gun hose, reducing the risk of leakage.

Neoprinil offers a one year stability period once it has first been opened and requires no special conditions for storage.To give maximum flexibility to farmers, it is presented in 2.5L, 4.5l and 8l pack sizes.

Virbac Product Manager for Large Animals Brigitte Goasduf MRCVS commented:  "A high worm burden can have adverse effects on the herd's productivity and performance and so it is advisable to ensure infected animals are treated as part of a Herd Health Plan. Eprinomectin is a tried and trusted parasiticide and studies confirm that it can have a positive impact on both milk production and on weight gain. Its zero day withdrawal period is a major benefit for dairy farmers.

"With the launch first of Deltanil and, now, Neoprinil, we are reinforcing our commitment to work with veterinary surgeons and farmers to understand the everyday challenges they face and to provide practical, effective solutions. We offer a comprehensive parasiticide range with a dispensing system that sets a new standard for convenience and ease of use."

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