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Elanco launches updated Atopica® Comfort Club

Elanco Animal Health has launched an updated Atopica® Comfort Club, the support initiative for veterinary professionals treating either canine atopic dermatitis or feline allergic dermatitis cases with Atopica.

The Atopica Comfort Club loyalty scheme now has a new easy-to-use website which enables veterinary professionals to manage cases as a practice to ensure total visibility of all cases and the offers available for new and existing users post diagnosis. The initiative provides veterinary practices with a free of charge Atopica redemption scheme through both induction and maintenance periods.

The website will also enable veterinary practices to view and redeem offers instantly, receive reminders about offers and updates together with emails to confirm offers have been redeemed and the products packed.

Alice Laurens, DVM MRCVS, dermatology marketing manager at Elanco Animal Health, says: “The Comfort Club loyalty scheme embraces a multi-modal approach and ensures better comfort is provided to Atopica patients with options to offer a flea product, shampoo, essential fatty acids and an adapted diet.”

To support the new Atopica Comfort Club loyalty program, Elanco has produced a ‘practice log book’ to enable vets to easily capture details on each case which can then be entered onto the Comfort Club website.

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