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Ceva extends its popular LOGIC® range

Ceva Animal Health has extended its popular LOGIC® range with the launch of the new LOGIC® Ease range of palatable veterinary strength supplements for dogs and cats.

The innovative, tasty ‘soft chew’ LOGIC supplements contain high quality active ingredients, which have been specifically developed to ensure the high standards that owners expect for their pets. These supplements allow owners to ‘treat’ their pets, knowing they are contributing to the health of their pet and reducing the desire to give unhealthy snacks.

Dog range

LOGIC® EaseFlex

LOGIC® EaseFlex is a high quality super tasty joint supplement specially formulated to help soothe active joints and support long-term mobility. The high quality ingredients in LOGIC EaseFlex include glucosamine HCL, to support the formation of healthy joint cartilage; chondroitin, to help maintain the elasticity of the joint cartilage and slow down its destruction and green lipped mussel, a high quality source of omega-3 fatty acids known to support and maintain joint function.

LOGIC EaseFlex should be given daily as a treat and comes in packs of 28 beef flavour, highly palatable soft chews, which provide up to eight weeks’ supply for a dog weighing up to 25kg.

LOGIC® EaseLife

LOGIC® EaseLife is a super tasty supplement for senior dogs that has been specifically developed with a combination of essential nutrients to help support mobility, coat condition, mind vitality and alertness in senior dogs.

For reduction of hairballs, feed one super tasty chew per day. To assist in removal of existing hairballs, feed up to four chews daily until resolved. LOGIC EaseBall is available in packs of 28 salmon flavoured soft chews. 

“The new LOGIC supplements will provide veterinary clinics with an extensive range of veterinary strength supplements that are so tasty that they can be given as treats,” comments Abi Busk, retail business unit manager at Ceva Animal Health.

For further information on the LOGIC range which also includes LOGIC® Oral Hygiene Gel, LOGIC® Orozyme Dental Chews and LOGIC® Diar-Stop™ oral paste, please contact your wholesaler, call Ceva on 01494 781510, email or visit

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