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Delegates To BEVA Congress Invited To Go For Gold With Dechra

Veterinary professionals will get the chance to ‘go for gold’ at the launch of a unique antibiotic wound spray at the British Equine Veterinary Association Congress in Liverpool this month.

Dechra Veterinary Products will unveil its new product TAF Spray® – the only antibiotic wound spray licensed for use on horses – and offer delegates the chance to enter a competition to win a real bar of gold!

Visitors to the Dechra stand at the Arena and Convention Centre can play the interactive game on a giant screen to find three gold cans of TAF Spray®. Winners receive a gold ticket that enters them into a daily prize draw with one delegate per day winning a 10g gold bar worth around £300.

The launch of TAF Spray®, which contains Thiamphenicol, is expected to spark a surge of interest at the event from September 10 to 12 that will attract vets, veterinary nurses, and others who work in the industry.

Brand Manager Emma Jennings said: “TAF Spray® is a very distinctive product with its golden yellow, turmeric-based, colouring allowing treatment areas to be clearly distinguished.

“It can be used for superficial wound infections in horses, cattle, goats, sheep and pigs. It can also be used to treat infections of the claw and hoof in cattle, goats and sheep such as foot rot, interdigital dermatitis and digital dermatitis.

“As it is the only licensed wound spray for horses we are expecting a lot of interest at the BEVA Congress for professionals looking for a useful spray to add to their range of treatment options.

“We're looking forward to seeing delegates try their luck on the specially designed competition on the giant iPad screen on our stand, and we'll have a little something for those who aren't so lucky as well!” 

TAF Spray® has a zero day meat withdrawal period for horses, cattle, goats, sheep, and 14 days for pigs. The 360-degree spray allows wounds to be targeted at any angle, particularly in hard to reach areas, and comes in a 150 ml can. 

For further information about Dechra’s antibiotic portfolio and other products, visit

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