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Equimidine solution now available in 50% larger plastic bottle

Zoetis has announced the introduction of Equimidine solution in a 50% larger plastic bottle. The new 15ml multi-dose presentation, now in plastic rather than glass, offers greater safety, as well as cost-saving advantages to practices.

Equimidine, containing 10mg/ml detomidine hydrochloride, is a clear solution for intravenous injection. It has sedative and analgesic properties and is indicated for use either alone or in combination with butorphanol to facilitate the handling of horses for clinical examinations, minor surgical procedures and other manipulations. It can also be used with ketamine for short duration general anaesthesia for surgical procedures such as castration. 

The new 15ml plastic bottle, as oposed to the old 10ml glass vial, is  more cost-effective per dose. It is also safer to use as the bottle is less likely to break if accidentally dropped. The convenient multi-dose facility involves a tightly fitted rubber bung through which a sterile needle can be inserted to withdraw each dose.

Penny McCann, Equine Product Manager, Zoetis UK Ltd, said: “The new presentation provides practical benefits for vets and the larger bottle size means the product is now even more cost-effective.”

Speak to your Zoetis Account Manager to find out more. Further information is available on the SPC or contact visit

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