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Pet Passports: know the facts

As many will be aware, after 29 December 2014, new rules came into force regarding Pet Passports. Before a dog, cat or ferret can (re)-enter GB under the Pet Travel Scheme, it must be checked either at the point of departure (for ferry and most rail operators) or at the point of arrival (for airlines and some cruise and rail services).

The correct completion of the passport is vital for the animal to be allowed in to GB avoiding quarantine and to prevent pet owners from incurring unnecessary expense and inconvenience as a result of administrative errors in the completion of pet passports. 

There are different errors that can be made when completing a passport, to ensure less mistakes have compiled a list of the new pet passport rule in the following PDF.

Full details on the requirements of the Pet Travel Scheme can be found on the website. If you need further assistance you can contact the Pet Travel helpline on 03702 411 710, or email

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