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Fifteen-minute total T4 dry-slide test launched

IDEXX Laboratories has increased the range of in-clinic diagnostic options with the launch of a total T4 dry-slide test, giving vets real-time access to additional chemistry information. The new test is compatible with all the company’s in-clinic laboratory analysers.

Simon Wootton, UK CAG Marketing Manager from IDEXX says that it is important for vets to be able to update a patient’s chemistry during a visit.

“Conditions like hyper- or hypothyroidism require intervention and careful long-term monitoring. It is also important to assess the possible effects on other relevant medical parameters. This is why vets often want to update a patient’s chemistry data during the clinic visit. To accommodate this need, accurate and dependable chemistry, electrolyte and T4 test results can now be delivered in as little as 15 minutes.

“By adding thyroid screening to diagnostic protocols – which may already include fructosamine, phenobarbital, and urine P:C testing – practices can now get comprehensive chemistry, electrolyte and T4 measurements from a single sample, in a single run. This will let vets detect abnormalities sooner and respond more effectively,” concludes Simon.

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