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BEVA members vote with feet for voluntary projects

BEVA vets have voted with their feet to show their approval for the BEVA Trust’s recent new focus. Two pilot equine healthcare projects supported by the Trust earlier this year inspired more than 40 vets to volunteer their services for the limited places available. Such enthusiasm has given the BEVA Trust the green light to provide similar help for more healthcare clinics scheduled to take place around the UK this autumn.

The BEVA Trust is the British Equine Veterinary Association’s philanthropic arm and was established almost 50 years ago. Historically the bulk of its expenditure was small grants relating to travel and education but it now its primary focus is on the provision of support for voluntary welfare projects.

Following the success of the pilot projects in May; a castration project in Southampton and a SPANA Regional CPD Meeting in Morocco, two new healthcare and castration clinics have been confirmed for the autumn. They have been organised by the BEVA Trust, together with the British Horse Society Blue Cross, Horseworld, Redwings Horse Sanctuary, the RSPCA and World Horse Welfare, and many veterinary volunteers have already offered their services.

Suitable colts and stallions will be identified and recruited at each location by charity welfare officers and volunteer vets will castrate up to 30 horses at each event. In addition as many horses as possible will be wormed and vaccinated against tetanus, courtesy of Zoetis and will also be microchipped and “passported”.

Julian Samuelson, chair of the Trust Review Committee, and Managing Director of The Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic in Kent, commented: “These events not only reduce the opportunity for unintentional breeding but, more importantly, have also proven to be a great way of getting new groups of horse owners engaged with veterinary care. By coordinating the necessary veterinary expertise we hope BEVA Trust will make a significant contribution to their success.” 

Further clinics will be arranged over the next 12 months. For further information visit

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