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Sales of new BVD vaccine exceed predictions

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica has announced that, to the end of October 2015, sales of its new BVD vaccine, Bovela® have exceeded €1 million (£822,690 GfK October 2015) in the UK alone. This equates to 166,200 doses purchased by 311 veterinary practices and represents just eight months of sales.

“Throughout Europe, Bovela has sold more than one million doses since its launch in March,” explains Allan Henderson of Boehringer.

“Sales figures of this level are a clear indictment of the investment Boehringer made in developing Bovela, a vaccine which was conceived at the outset with the aim of making BVD control easier and simpler for farmers,” adds Mr Henderson.

“The unrivalled flexibility of Bovela has made it a firm favourite of many farmers and vets in a very short space of time,” he says.

Mr Henderson says farmers considering BVD control in their herds should contact their vet initially. Bovela can be used in an existing BVD control programme as well as being used to initiate a new control plan.

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