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New website offers expert advice on managing canine epilepsy

Boehringer Ingelheim has launched Bitesize, an educational website for veterinary surgeons. The new website can be found at and will be dedicated to providing easily accessible answers to some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding the complex condition of canine epilepsy.

“We have teamed up with eight neurology experts working in referral centres across the UK,” says Boehringer’s Brand Manager Craig Roxburgh. “These experts have covered the questions most commonly encountered when managing epilepsy cases in first opinion practice, which we hope will assist vets in their epilepsy case management.”

Answers to questions will be delivered as short video clips of between one and three minutes, and these have been optimised for use on smartphones and tablet devices to make them available in the practice or on the move.

“Canine epilepsy can be a complex condition to manage,” adds Craig. “We hope therefore that when cases present, Bitesize will prove a useful and handy ‘go-to’ resource for vets to access information at the time they need it.”

Vets visiting before 29th February 2016 will have the chance to win an iPad.

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