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Merial gives Vets ‘Just what they Need’ in new feline vaccination guide                                                      

In response to the fact that 76 per cent of small animal vets admit that they are not fully aware of the most recent feline vaccination guidelines, Merial has produced a concise and practical guide and detailing the key considerations when it comes to vaccinating cats. The guide, entitled ‘Give Them Just What they Need’, is something that 98 per cent of vets stated they would find useful.

The survey amongst 114 UK small animal vets discovered that whilst the majority of vets (82 per cent) are aware of the existence of feline vaccination guidelines from organisations such as the World Small Animal Veterinary Association and European Advisory Board on Cat Diseases, 58 per cent don’t know the content well, and a further 18 per cent of vets stated they were not aware of the guidelines at all.

This highlights a need for raising awareness about recommended best practice when it comes to feline vaccination, so all vets can be implementing gold-standard protocols.

Claire Edmunds, product manager at Merial, comments: ‘‘Understanding that vets are busy people and using all of the insight that we have gathered from vets and owners to shape the content of the guide, we have condensed previously published vaccination recommendations from organisations such as WSAVA and ABCD into really useful, practical advice. The new guide and complementary support materials will hopefully prove to be really valuable resources for vets, giving them the information they need when reviewing their vaccination protocols, in a quick, easy-access format.”

‘‘By being better informed about the latest recommendations, we want vets to feel more confident in discussing all aspects of vaccination with their clients. With the majority of cat owners saying that they rely on their vet for vaccination information and nearly half stating that their vet clearly explaining the benefits of vaccination would increase their compliance in vaccinating their cat, this obviously will be beneficial to both the practice and pet cats.’’ Claire continues.

The supporting materials, to be produced alongside the guide will include a take-home leaflet for owners and digital assets for social media and newsletter use, providing resources to aid vets in initiating conversation around the topic of vaccination.

The ‘Give Them Just What they Need’ guide is available from your regional Merial Territory Manager or for download now, at you will also find other exclusive materials, such as the owner facing support materials) or

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