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Zoetis Launches Ketavet®

Zoetis has announced the launch of Ketavet.The intravenous anaesthetic solution containing ketamine is available in 10ml and 50ml presentations. The new product coincides with the re-classification of ketamine as a schedule 2 drug.

Ketavet is a clear, colourless solution for injection containing ketamine 100 mg/ml (equivalent to 115.36 mg/ml ketamine hydrochloride) with benzethonium chloride 0.1 mg/ml as a preservative. It can be used to induce anaesthesia in horses in conjunction with xylazine, detomidine or romifidine.

Ketavet, along with other ketamine containing products, has been moved to Schedule 2 of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations, which took effect from 30 November 2015. This enables tighter controls on the record keeping, prescribing and safe custody of products containing this active. More information on the specific requirements which will need to be met following the schedule change can be found on the VMD website

Penny McCann, Equine Product Manager at Zoetis said: “Ketavet is an important product in our anaesthesia portfolio. We are keen to help veterinary surgeons keep up-to-date with the reclassification of ketamine and with this in mind our new product packaging clearly reflects ketamine’s revised status as a schedule 2 drug.”

Speak to your Zoetis Account Manager to find out more. Further information is available on the SPC or at and

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