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Launch of Virbac's Canigen Lepto4® vaccine aims to give practices choice

Virbac has launched the Canigen Lepto4® vaccine to give practices both choice and flexibility to better meet the needs of their clients.  Canigen Lepto4 is offered alongside Canigen Lepto2® and covers two additional strains of Leptospirosis, recently identified as being of concern in certain high-risk groups in the UK and in dogs which may be travelling abroad.

Both vaccines are offered, along with the comprehensive Canigen range, with full technical training and support from Virbac to allow practices to choose their vaccine protocols based on the needs of their clients.  This includes a suite of educational and promotional resources to enable practices to engage with their clients and help to make informed decisions about Leptospirosis vaccination for their dog.

Commenting on the introduction of Canigen Lepto4, Sarah Walker MRCVS, Product Manager, said:  "We are committed both to providing our practices with a full and flexible range of canine vaccines and to offering them all the support they need to advise their clients effectively on this important issue. 

"While Canigen Lepto2 is still perfectly suitable in many cases and provides a broad spectrum of protection, the launch of Canigen Lepto4 helps to offer a solution for those who may needed a broader degree of protection through being at a higher risk or those which travel abroad."

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