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Comprehensive otitis treatment for dogs just got easier!

Norbrook has announced the launch of NEW Marbodex Aural®, the most recent addition to its Otitis Management System for dogs.

Marbodex Aural contains a triple combination of powerful, trusted ingredients that are proven to relieve pain and inflammation quickly, improving pet comfort, whilst effectively dealing with key bacterial and fungal infections, giving vets and nurses peace of mind.

The presence of marbofloxacin ensures Marbodex Aural is an idea first choice for cases of otitis externa that are:

  • Suppurative
  • Expected to respond poorly or have responded poorly to other classes of antibiotics
  • Known to be infected with Pseudomonas spp 

Clotrimazole, a powerful, broad spectrum antifungal is especially effective against otitis caused by Malassezia pachydermatis and dexamethasone is a potent, fast acting steroid whose absorption is not increased in inflamed ears.

In order to make life less stressful for pet owners, Marbodex Aural only needs to be applied once a day and has two soft, atraumatic nozzles to reduce pain on application and prevent cross-contamination during treatment. Extended treatment periods of seven to fourteen days offer reassurance when treating persistent infections.

Marbodex Aural is the latest addition to the Otitis Management System from Norbrook – comprising of Cleanor®, an alcohol free ear cleaner, systemic antibiotics (such as Noroclav® and Mycinor®) and systemic pain relief (including Loxicom® and Carprieve®).

On top of this, Marbodex Aural comes with the Norbrook value promise – high quality at a competitive price that suits your, and your client’s, budget.

Marbodex is available in all veterinary wholesalers now. For more information on Marbodex and to take advantage of the attractive launch offers, please contact your Norbrook Territory Manager or call  01536 741147 for more information.

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