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SureFlap® and idENTICHIP recruiting cats and dogs for Microchip Temperature study

SureFlap®, the microchip pet product specialist, and idENTICHIP, the UK’s original pet microchip, are looking to recruit 1,000 cat and dog owners to participate in the first extensive study of Microchip Temperature in companion animals.

The SureSense® Microchip Temperature Study will monitor an animal’s Microchip Temperature during a normal day, to identify variations in temperature and correlate these with changes in the pet’s activity, physiology and environment. 

Participants in the study will have cats or dogs that have already been implanted with an idENTICHIP® with Bio-Thermo® microchip, and SureFlap hopes to recruit a diverse range of pets of all ages and breeds. The idENTICHIP with Bio-Thermo microchip is the world’s first temperature sensing identification device. It incorporates a standard ISO identification microchip with a biosensor to allow the temperature of an animal to be taken at the press of a button.

In addition to promoting the study to owners of pets that already have compatible microchips, SureFlap also hopes to attract owners of non-microchipped pets to participate in the study. These owners will be directed to a practice look-up tool on the SureFlap website where they can find a local vet practice offering idENTICHIP with Bio-Thermo microchips.

Animalcare, supplier of the idENTICHIP with Bio-Thermo microchip, is partnering with SureFlap to promote the study. They will provide client leaflets outlining details of the study to all practices stocking idENTICHIP with Bio-Thermo microchips.

The study will commence in April and run over a seven-week period.  Participants will receive a specifically developed SureSense Microchip Temperature Reader, which they will use to scan their pet’s microchip. They will be asked to take three temperature readings per day until 100 readings have been recorded.

The reader pairs with the SureSense mobile App (iPhone or Android) via Bluetooth, enabling participants to easily upload readings to the study database. Within the App participants will also be encouraged to record additional information about their pet’s activity at the time of each reading. 

Temperature is a primary indicator of a pet’s health, but until now a pet’s temperature has only ever been taken routinely during a visit to the vet.  Although not a replacement for rectal temperature, Microchip Temperature readings can be taken quickly and easily by owners at home. This makes it possible to take multiple, regular readings over an extended period of time, to monitor a pet’s health and wellbeing in a way in which has not been possible until now. 

“We believe that establishing a ‘normal’ Microchip Temperature range for an individual pet could be useful as a first alert tool, to flag when a pet’s temperature deviates significantly from the norm,” comments Dr Nick Hill, managing director of SureFlap. “Temperature sensing microchips have been commercially available since 2008, but now by combining their capability with a consumer-friendly reader and App, we are paving the way for future connected pet products which will enable owners to care for each of their pets individually.”

Beverley Campbell, idENTICHIP Product Manager, adds: “We’re extremely excited to be involved in the study, with the introduction of compulsory microchipping of dogs, now is the ideal time to engage pet owners with the additional benefits that their pet’s microchip can provide.”

For further information on the SureSense Microchip Temperature Study, or to apply to participate in the study, visit

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