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World’s first ambulatory light-based imaging device for dogs launched at BSAVA Congress

Launching the world’s first ambulatory light-based imaging device for dogs to the UK market, Infiniti Medical exhibited its new technology for the first time at BSAVA Congress.

Used as a diagnostic tool for GI disease, ALICAM is a capsule with four cameras inside that is swallowed by the dog and captures 360 degree images of the GI tract whilst passing through the body.

The ALICAM is administered without the need to anaesthetise the animal and is an all-in-one solution that detects and records areas of concern.

The capsule is then recovered with a magnetic wand, images are downloaded and a medical report and treatment recommendation is prepared for the vet by Infiniti Medical.

By using the ALICAM, veterinary practices have access to a specialist and can perform in-house diagnostics without the requirement to spend thousands of pounds on imaging equipment.

Vets are no longer required to interpret image findings as this is done for them and no medical supervision is needed so the pet can go home without any restriction on activity during the diagnostic period.

George Boothroyd, director of European sales said: “ALICAM gives veterinarians unprecedented diagnostic access to the entire GI tract.”

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