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Mind Matters Initiative teams up with The Webinar Vet to offer online mindfulness course

The Mind Matters Initiative has teamed up with The Webinar Vet to offer an online series of eight one-hour mindfulness-based stress reduction sessions, entitled ‘Turning mind-full to mindful’.

The evidence base for the positive impact of mindfulness has been growing over recent years. The practice, which grew out of Buddhist traditions of meditation, has been credited with helping to reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain, improve sleep patterns and general wellbeing, and even make positive physical changes to the brain.

The sessions will be run by Dr Mike Scanlan, of, who has run similar courses for human medical professionals.

“This is course is not for those who are in crisis, who should seek direct medical help, but aims to give members of the veterinary team the skills they need to help control their mental landscape in a positive way,” says Mike.

“People may be wary about embarking on a mindfulness course and feel that to gain benefits will be time-consuming. But achieving even ten minutes of mindfulness each day can bring real benefits. There are now randomised control trials which show that mindfulness delivered online is effective, and it’s just so easy to access that I would encourage any member of the veterinary team to sign up.”

“Since MMI began we have been hearing great things about the power of mindfulness. The challenge has been how to make it accessible, given practitioners’ busy lives and the stigma that stops some people from feeling able to access any form of wellbeing support in a public way. This webinar-based series can be accessed from home, at any time, and is a perfect entry-point to the benefits of mindfulness. Through MMI funding, we hope that the pricing of the sessions will make them accessible to all.”

The sessions will run from 8-9pm, commencing on Tuesday 26 April and finishing on Tuesday 14 June. Delegates ought not to worry if they miss a session, as they will be recorded and available to listen on demand. 

A one-to-one chat function will be available during the webinars, and Mike will be on hand for support online and by phone between sessions. And, of course, anyone can access confidential help at any time via the VetLife Helpline (0303 040 2551) or confidential email service (

The eight-session series will cost £40 +VAT, which has been discounted from £200 + VAT thanks to MMI funding. A practice ticket will also be available at £200 +VAT for up to ten members of staff. Register online at:

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