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SDMA kidney marker test adopted by IRIS

The SDMA renal function test launched last November by IDEXX, which is capable of detecting chronic kidney disease in dogs or cats months or even years earlier than traditional methods, has now been included by the International Renal Interest Society in its guidelines.

“It is widely accepted that 1 in 3 cats and 1 in 10 dogs will develop CKD,” says Simon Wootton, Northern European Region CAG Marketing Manager at IDEXX. “The adoption by IRIS of the IDEXX SDMA™ renal function test is testament to its benefits, and should give vets much more time to intervene and prescribe an appropriate course of action to help improve longevity and quality of life in CKD patients.”

IDEXX is supporting IRIS by printing and distributing two new wall-charts to all veterinary practices in the UK. These are intended to assist with the diagnosis, staging and treatment of CKD in dogs and cats. The two wall-charts can also be downloaded from the IDEXX website – or by calling IDEXX on 00800 1234 33 99.

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