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PAW In Action! 

Celebrating PAW - Pet Allergy Week this week (6-12th June), is Lola, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and patient of Milton Keynes based Willow Veterinary Group. The two year old who suffered alopecia, itching, pruritus, pyoderma and otitis externa from an early age is receiving immunotherapy following allergy testing, and has not looked back, says Willows VN, Stacey Armitt.  

“After starting the treatment, Lola came off steroids and her overall body condition is much healthier. She is itching less and her skin is much less red. Some of her hair has also grown back,” explains Stacey.   

“When Lola was first presented to us, skin scrapes were negative and steroids were only responsive for a short period. Targeted topicals and medication were used to try and control Lola’s worsening symptoms but it never cleared up. A sample was then taken and sent in for a SENSITEST® Complete Allergy Test and the results indicated raised antibodies to house dust mites, which went onto to be treated using allergen-specific immunotherapy,” she adds.  

Lola’s owner, Aimee Holland, who has also implemented food and environment changes indicated by the test, is delighted and says that since starting the treatment, Lola no longer itches, her fur is growing back and her skin looks less red and angry. “She is a much happier and healthier dog. After trying everything, immunotherapy has given her a second chance to have a happy healthy life!” says Aimee.  

The UK’s second PAW, is helping to raise awareness of allergies in cats and dogs. And a reminder for participating practises using pack materials from PAW organiser, Avacta Animal Health, that there is a prize for the best PAW waiting room display! Entries close 30th June. Also, discounted allergy tests in association with PAW will be accepted until 8th July says the company. For more information visit 

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