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Protect against fleas and ticks with Effipro Duo®

Virbac has introduced Effipro Duo Spot-on solution for cats and dogs, a POM-V product offering optimal protection against ticks and fleas and from household flea infestations. Effipro Duo’s unique combination of pyriproxyfen, an insect growth regulator, with fipronil, an adulticide, kills adult fleas and ticks without requiring a blood meal, sterilises adult fleas and inhibits the immature life stages to offer three months of protection against flea life cycle completion. 

The product is presented in Effipro’s patented ‘drop-lock’ pipette which ensures that the solution is released only when the owner is ready and which gives them precise, fingertip control throughout application.  It is offered in packs of 4 pipettes and in a 24-pipette dispensing pack to suit practices offering health plans.

Commenting on its launch, Product Manager Kate Woolley MRCVS said: “Because Effipro Duo targets not just the adult fleas on the pet but also the key developmental stages in the flea life cycle often found in the home, it represents an integrated and easy-to-use solution, both for on-animal flea and tick control and for long-lasting protection of the home environment.”

She continued: “Household flea infestations are common all year round and experts agree that the combination of an adulticide and an insect growth regulator is the most effective way for owners to protect their homes from this unpleasant problem.  For complete flea control in the home, we recommend that it is used in conjunction with Indorex®, the UK’s no. 1 household flea spray.”

She adds: “Virbac offers one of the most extensive parasiticide ranges on the market and we believe Effipro Duo will provide a popular addition, offering owners long-lasting protection from fleas and ticks for their cats and dogs, while helping practices to retain vital parasite control sales in-house.”

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