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Boehringer Academy launches the first Artificial Intelligence website for vets

Boehringer Academy has launched the first Artificial Intelligence website offering vets and nurses a tailored one-stop shop.

The new Boehringer Academy portal offers equine, bovine, swine and small-animal vets’ free access to extensive up-to-date content tailored specifically to them.

Last year, as part of a continuing drive to meet its customer needs, the Boehringer Academy team commissioned a user experience report for their website.

The results revealed that vets appreciated the ability to complete CPD via webinars and access to relevant educational materials: however, many were trawling through content that was not of interest to them or struggling to find what they wanted.

The new site – still a completely free service – utilises ‘machine learning’, a type of artificial intelligence that uses pattern recognition. The technology is now commonly used in consumer sites, such as Netflix and Amazon, but until now has not been used in the veterinary world.

By learning each user’s habits, the AI-powered search serves them only relevant content. Users of the Academy are also encouraged to complete their profile. This enables the site to further personalise the content to each and every individual vet and nurse.

Apart from the personalisation, veterinary professionals are sure to value the extensive content that is now available; webinars, podcasts, short videos and a suite of reference documents combine in a new system which makes it easy to automatically record and store CPD points, all in one place.

The content continues to be of high professional quality, recorded by vets, for vets. Additionally, the personalisation of the new site means content can be updated more often without overloading the site and its users.  

The site provides unlimited, easy access across mobile, tablet and PC and will quickly become the go-to choice for busy vets to access up-to-date and relevant content, as and when they wish.

Jemima Mead, brand manager at Boehringer, explained: “We aimed to create an engaging portal – a one-stop shop for vets who want to access high quality CPD and/or relevant information about any of our products. Vets are busy people so need to find relevant information quickly – giving them more time to focus on their clinical responsibilities. Our new slick site, tailored to their individual professional preferences, provides a valuable service that simply has not existed before.”

The site can be accessed at any time via

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