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New liquid hyperthyroid treatment for cats from Norbrook 

Norbrook has announced the launch of new Thyronorm® Oral Solution for Cats, the easy to use liquid alternative to tablets, licensed for the long term treatment of feline hyperthyroidism and the stabilisation of hyperthyroidism in cats prior to surgical thyroidectomy. 

Thyronorm contains 5mg/ml of thiamazole (methimazole), a tried and trusted active ingredient in a novel formulation, proven to have in-vivo bioequivalence to methimazole-containing tablets. 

The flavoured, liquid formulation is specifically designed to increase compliance and improve titration ability for precise and accurate management of hyperthyroid cats. 

With the needs of pet owners at the forefront of its innovation, Norbrook has utilised its excellence in the formulation of companion animal products to provide a highly innovative dosage form, with added honey for even greater pet acceptance, thereby helping to maintain the pet-owner bond. 

The initial starting dose is 5mg active ingredient per day, ideally split into two doses and made simple with a clearly marked dosing syringe. The syringe is marked in milligrams of active ingredient to ensure accurate dosing depending on the individual pet’s requirement. 

Available in 30ml and 100ml bottles, with an in-use shelf life of six months, Thyronorm provides the simple solution to stabilisation of hyperthyroid cats prior to surgery or radioiodine therapy and the answer for those owners wishing to continue treating with medication for the long term. 

Thyronorm is available to order from all UK veterinary wholesalers.

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