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Win a trip to Saeva Congress in South Africa with BCF

Imaging specialists BCF Technology are offering the chance to win a trip of a lifetime to SAEVA Congress in 2017. The trip includes 4 nights at Kruger National Park to attend SAEVA Congress 2017 and 3 nights at a private Game Reserve. There are up to 4 places to won! 

What you need to do

Join the BCF equine veterinary imaging Facebook group and add value to the vets of the future. Join the group and until the end of October, the person seen to be adding the most value through sharing useful; educational, clinical, helpful information or content to vets of the future will win a place on the trip. Create an educational video related to diagnostic imaging, or present a case study. Show us something interesting you have faced today. What can you create to help others learn more about equine diagnostic imaging? What hints and tips could you share that will help other vets. 

BCF Managing Director, Gavin Mitchell, commented, “This is an amazing prize. It was eight years since we last did a similar competition to South Africa. We were keen to do something similar. We have up to 4 places available, however, these are quite substantial prizes, so we are looking for people to make a real effort to win a place. At BCF we are committed to helping vets make the most of diagnostic imaging. We feel this competition is a great way of getting vets to share their knowledge. So get thinking about how you could create a video or show a case study, or what did you come across today that would be valuable to share with others. How can you help others to make the most of equine diagnostic imaging?”

Engage with the BCF equine veterinary imaging Facebook group and share your knowledge. Alternatively you can email your learning materials to

The details

The trip leaves the UK on the 11th of February 2017 and returns on the 18th of February 2017.

Up to 4 equine veterinary surgeons will be the winners of the prize. BCF team members will escort the group on the trip. BCF will pay for flights, SAEVA Congress access and accommodation on the trip.

4 nights will be spent at Kruger National Park and 3 nights will be spent at a private game reserve.

The person(s) who contribute the most to the BCF equine veterinary imaging Facebook group will be the winner(s) of a place on the trip. They are looking for content in various formats; videos, papers, hints and tips, blogs, etc. that would be useful for developing vets and vet students to learn more about equine diagnostic imaging.

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