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Roll up your sleeves for hands-on endoscopy at BEVA Congress

This year BEVA Congress (7-10 September 2016) is giving delegates the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and get hands on with endoscopy techniques. The organisers have invited veterinary experts to share their knowledge and expertise in gastroscopy, sinoscopy and upper respiratory tract endoscopy, using cadaver heads and state of the art models, during daily practical sessions.

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic technique enabling a visual examination of internal structures. The practical sessions will guide delegates through the most commonly used equine endoscopy procedures, including how to perform gastroscopy, how to perform upper respiratory tract endoscopy and exploration of the guttural pouches and how to get the most out of sinoscopy.

Each session will include a review of the anatomy involved and helpful tips from experts Jonathan Anderson, Tim Barnett, Imogen Comyn, Ollie Crowe, Sarah Mack, Patrick Pollock, Alex Rafferty, Richard Reardon, Neil Townsend, Sophie Wilford and Tom Witte.

The gastroscopy practical will make use of a custom synthetic model of a horse’s oesophagus and stomach, uniquely developed by BEVA, Burtons and DeLegge Medical Design in the USA.   The URT endoscopy practical will utilise cadaver heads on stands so delegates can look at laryngeal components, sinus drainage angle, ethmoids, guttural pouch ostia and can then scope/ pass foley catheters/chambers catheters in to guttural pouches. Pre-prepared cadaver heads will also be used for the sinoscopy practicals. Frontal sinus trephine holes will allow a scope to be inserted and one side will be broken through the maxillary septal bulla so delegates can compare the differences in anatomy.

At the end of each demonstration Burtons, who have sponsored the event and supplied the endoscopic equipment, will be providing important advice on how to clean and maintain scopes properly.

Mark Bowen, President of BEVA, said: “BEVA is committed to providing innovative and practical CPD through its entire CPD programme, including congress and these practical sessions showcase the excellent and varied education provided to members. At a time when the RCVS are considering the value of certain types of CPD in improving professional competence, BEVA is committed to leading the field and challenging perceptions of what a modern conference can be.”

The practical sessions will run on all three days of Congress on the balcony above the exhibition hall. Each session will comprise a demonstration and then three practical slots, each for a maximum of ten delegates. Places can be secured on a first come first served basis by signing up on the day.

BEVA Congress is being held from 7-10 September 2016 at the ICC in central Birmingham. Visit to find out more and to sign up.

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