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Boehringer launches larger and more convenient Semintra® bottle size

Boehringer Ingelheim has launched a new 100 ml bottle size for Semintra to help facilitate long-term compliance and convenience for owners of cats with chronic kidney disease.

The new bottle size will last approximately 100 days when treating an average sized cat of 4 kg. “The new 100 ml bottle size will ensure that Semintra is even more convenient for owners, whilst facilitating long-term compliance that fits in well with recommended recheck intervals for CKD,” comments Amy Scott, brand manager for Semintra.

Cats with CKD have an overactive renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, which can lead to proteinuria and further progression of kidney disease.  Semintra contains the active ingredient telmisartan – the only angiotensin receptor blocker licensed for use in veterinary medicine – and provides targeted, long-lasting suppression of the RAAS. Semintra is a once daily, easy to administer oral liquid and was the first pharmaceutical product to receive International Cat Care’s Easy to Give Award at launch. Now available in both 30 ml and 100 ml bottle sizes, Semintra also has a six month shelf life after opening.

For further information on Semintra visit or contact your local Boehringer Ingelheim territory manager.

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