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Looking for an alternative spot-on for tick, flea and lice treatment? 

Amflee® Combo looks set to be the first generic fipronil/S-methoprene treatment launched into the UK market that will offer vets a wider choice of products when discussing flea and tick control options with clients this autumn.

As a direct alternative to Merial’s very successful Frontline® Combo, Amflee Combo has been launched as a prescription only (POM-V) product by a newcomer to the UK market. Krka is a Slovenian company that says it has plans to introduce a vast range of small and production animal products onto the UK market in the next few years.

Head of sales and marketing at Krka, Killian Gaffney, stresses that the company intends to support UK vets by offering high quality products and by building business relationships that will help protect veterinary incomes, at the same time as offering good value to their customers.

“Amflee Combo has some unique features that we believe will set it apart from the competition,” says Killian. “We know the combination of the two active ingredients in Amflee Combo is very effective for the treatment of fleas, ticks and biting lice and as part of a treatment strategy for flea allergy dermatitis in dogs and cats. S-methoprene is also effective against flea eggs and larvae in the environment.

“However, these ingredients can be susceptible to degradation when subjected to light and moisture, which is why each Amflee Combo pipette comes in its own special foil wrapper. The pipettes have also been designed for convenience of use, since we know that only 22% of owners apply spot-ons correctly.”

A range of product and client literature to support the use of Amflee Combo is available by calling 01753 722 150.

Amflee Combo is available in a variety of packs for cats and different sized dogs, containing either three or six easy-to-use ergonomic pipettes. The recommended treatment is one pipette every four weeks.

Further information on Amflee Combo or Krka is available at

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