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Bayer launches guide to diagnosing antimicrobial infection 

At a time when fears about antimicrobial resistance are a key part of the veterinary agenda, Bayer Animal Health has developed the second in their series of educational guides, which focuses on the correct diagnosis of antimicrobial infections.

The guide, titled ‘Diagnosing Infections’ outlines the correct diagnostic process for antimicrobial infections, including the different techniques available, how to perform these appropriately in practice and how to interpret test results effectively.

The guide forms part of Bayer’s ‘Education Now, Safeguarding Antimicrobials’ inititative and has  has been produced in partnership by three experts in the field of antimicrobials - Simon Tappin, European and RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Internal Medicine at Dick White Referrals, Matt Jones, Microbiology Manager at IDEXX Labarotories, and Ross Bond RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology.

Recent surveys have shown that antimicrobials are prescribed in up to 48 per cent of dog and cat consultations,  meaning antimicrobials play a vital role in the day to day running of small animal practices, however there is a need for education on this topic, with 63 per cent of vets stating that they would like to improve their knowledge on antimicrobials, and 90 per cent of vets admitting that they are concerned about antimicrobial resistance. 

Simon Tappin, an author of the guide, commented: ‘Making rational and informed antimicrobial choices, where correct diagnosis of infections is a key part of this decision, is vitally important in veterinary medicine, both for the welfare of patients and in reducing the risk of developing antimicrobial resistance.

‘‘Highlighting this issue to vets, providing education and supporting them in making these decisions is crucial to ensure a responsible approach to antimicrobial prescribing.”  

Hannah Watts, Group Product Manager at Bayer said: “ The ‘Diagnosing Infections’ guide has been developed in response to the recent polls amongst UK practicing vets, and is aimed to help support vets in making optimal decisions when it comes to prescribing antimicrobials.  Deciding on the most appropriate product to use is vital, for both the welfare of the animal and in helping to reduce the risk of antimicrobial resistance.

‘‘We will be releasing additional resources later in the year to further support the ‘Education Now, Safeguarding Antimicrobials’ campaign.”

The guide is available to download from the Bayer Vet Centre, Alternatively, you can download the guide directly here or contact your local Bayer Territory Manager.

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