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New 50-dose pack size for Bovela®

In response to demand from the market for larger pack sizes, Boehringer Ingelheim has introduced a new 50-dose pack for its BVD vaccine, Bovela. This is available from wholesalers now.

With Bovela’s one-dose, 12-month protection guarantee, many vets have been making it their favoured vaccine when it comes to protecting cattle against BVD, and it has now become market leader in some areas of the UK. Since Bovela was launched in March 2015, over 500,000 cattle have been protected so far in the UK alone, with over three million across Europe.

Farmers comment that they have found the one-shot primary course makes life easier when it comes to protecting the whole her. They are also attracted by the proven 12-month protection against both types of BVD.

The 50-dose vial is in addition to the 25-dose and 5-dose packs that are currently available, and will make vaccination even simpler for many herds. The new pack size is available alongside quality vaccination guns, cool bags and up to £50 diagnostic support for BVD testing for whole-herd vaccination, courtesy of Boehringer Ingelheim.

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